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17/3/2013 Anna-Christina solo acoustic @ The Proud Gallery

SubjectAnna-Christina solo acoustic @ The Proud Gallery
DateCreated3/19/2013 4:02:00 PM

Sunday finds me back in Camden again, although things didn't go too smoothly - but what's new?

I had planned to get down there early to visit one or two drinking establishments before the gig, but an unexpected guest at Dark Towers delayed me getting ready to go out.

I already knew my part of the Northern Line was out of action so had made plans to catch the 'Big train' instead. So I check the TFL Travel Planner for the train times before leaving. No trains. Great.

So after a longer and more complicated tube journey I eventually arrive in Camden with no time at all for pre-gig beverages.

By coincidence I arrive at the Proud Gallery at the same time as two of Anna-Christina's Lilygun bandmates at virtually the time she is due on stage for her solo acoustic set. It's a free gig, but the security bloke outside doesn't want to let us in without I.D.

We had no idea this would be required, and I never carry I.D. anyway. After blagging it we search inside the venue for the lady herself and can find no sign of her.

There is another band onstage. After searching for a while we stumble into a room previously unknown - and there she is. 

The 'Pretty Little Lady?' (her deliberate question mark) is playing a Garbage cover - this is 'Fix Me Now' and is usually the last but one song in her set - it looks like we've missed almost the entire set in spite of being at (or outside) the venue when she was due to take to the stage.

It's a quite different sounding but good version of the song - I think the vocals are better than the Garbage original and Anna-Christina's voice really soars in a way she doesn't allow it to when she is fronting Lilygun. I didn't bother taking many pictures as the lighting was so terrible - there was a single spotlight, but instead of being directed at the artist on stage it was pointing at the wall at the back.

The set finishes with new (for these acoustic gigs) song 'Resolution' which goes down well judging by all the applause.

It's certainly interesting to see another side to the intriguing Anna-Christina and I really like the way she uses a higher part of her voice that people people who have only seen her perform with her rock band Lilygun will be unfamiliar with. Talking of Lilygun - they will be returning to the live scene next month and will be one of the last bands ever to play at the famous Bull & Gate before it closes as a music venue...

It's not long after nine o'clock and far too early to go home - even on a Sunday night. However, the Proud Gallery is a crap place to drink in and people aren't keen on staying there, so we head for a pub.

The Lock Tavern is close by, and like the room we have just left it is really dark in there - you'd think there was a war on - are they scared of breaking the blackout or something? It's several years since I've been in this pub, but with a aid of my torch/pen I find they have four real ales on tap - quite nice ones too, although not very strong or very cheap either at around the £4 a pint mark. Still, it's an agreeable enough place to pass the time until chucking out time and everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

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