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10/3/2013 Anna-Christina solo acoustic in St Albans

SubjectAnna-Christina solo acoustic in St Albans
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Sunday night finds me going somewhere a bit different. The Horn in St Albans is a well known music venue that mainly features rock bands. Sundays here now have a different and more relaxed vibe featuring acoustic acts. There is usually someone performing in the front bar during the afternoon, and in the evening the room at the back is transformed into the Blue Angel Acoustic Cafe. The whole vibe of the room is changed with the addition of tables, chairs and candles. Well so they claim but I don't actually see any candle stonight - it's otherwise as advertised though. Even without such illumination a much more intimate atmosphere is created and the room feels much smaller.

Enter Anna-Christina. Taking some time-out from her usual place fronting rock band Lilygun she is here to perform an acoustic set of her own songs. 
Although she is appearing here tonight in solo acoustic mode Anna-Christina isn't your typical laid back singer/songwriter. There may be no elecric guitars or drums present, but don't expect the usual nice innoffensive hippy hippy style songs about flowers and lovely summer days in the country. No - this lady has axes to grind!

The method of delivery may be different from the power of her rock band, but lyrically these songs pull no punches!

From the opening title track 'Pretty Little Lady?' (the question mark is quite deliberate but you have to hear to song to understand) it's very obvious Anna-Christina has things to get out of her system and issues to deal with!

The lyrics of the first couple of songs in particular aren't for the faint hearted and obviously come from bitter personal experiences. This method of expression seems to be her therapy. Although Anna-Christina needs to vent, this series of acoustic shows in and around London (more to follow) seems to be working well for her as in spite of the less than cheerful nature of the songs she actually seems very happy and to be really enjoying herself. The 'therapy' is working!

This is probably her best solo show yet as although the venue is small and intimate it is actually quite busy. What makes this show more of a triumph is that away from her London home and the support of friends and family this crowd of people who have no idea who she is really enjoy her set. The 'Pretty Little Lady' herself obviously really enjoys playing for this very appreciative audience too - the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. I have a feeling she will be back...

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